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Re: how use lastmod to track last modify time


On Sunday 24 November 2002 12:45, you wrote:
> James, Thanks. However, as it is, "built-in" or not, these
> pseudo-attributes seem to be exceptions, and don't follow normal search
> rules. F.ex. globbing (if that's the right word in this modern age) on
> string values doesn't work, whilst "all or nothing" (even combined with
> other filters) searches work fine, both with ldapsearch and GQ - so also
> presumably with PHP4. But since you seem to have to know the result
> before you search for it, that's a bit useless.
modifyTimestamp doe snot react on searches with wildcards (*), because
there is no SUBSTR matching rule in the definition of the attribute.
It does however react on ordering comparisons (<=) because the attribute
definition contains an ORDERING matching rule.
So, it's being special comes from the matching rules, not from the fact that
it is defined in the code.

> Anybody know where I can gen up on Openldap pseudo-attributes such as
> these (not slapd.conf ACL dn pseudo attributes, I know that)?
I don't know the exact meaning of "gen up", but you may look in
servers/slapd/schema_prep.c starting at about line 330.

They should be also in the schema that the server delivers.
Try to look for "USAGE directoryOperation".


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