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RE: Windows NT DOMAIN backend

We developed an OpenLDAP backend that interfaces to a Windows NT PDC. It
essentially puts an ActiveDirectory-style interface over the NT SAM. We
started selling this proprietary module 2 or 3 years ago as a component of
Symas' Connexitor Enterprise Management Services. With the spread of Win2K
there hasn't been much need for it though. Contact us privately if you're
interested in licensing a copy.

  -- Howard Chu
  Chief Architect, Symas Corp.       Director, Highland Sun
  http://www.symas.com               http://highlandsun.com/hyc
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> Am Freitag, 22. November 2002 12:43 schrieb Rodolfo Siviero Stein:
> > Hello guys,
> >
> > 	I am new to LDAP and now I am trying to authenticate
> some users in a
> > Windows NT 4  domain  (I don't have Active Directory,
> available in Win2K).
> >
> > 	Can it be done using some OpenLDAP backend ?