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Re: account balances

tor, 2002-11-21 kl. 22:03 skrev Ryurick M. Hristev:

> > > We do use account balances (i.e. "money"). I was unable to locate any
> > > schema which would hold this. The account object from the cosine.schema
> > > seems to be the most appropriate but it doesn't have such a field.
> > 
> > > Is there somewhere a schema (extension) which will allow me to implement this ?
> > > (I am not proficient an schema implementation/extension)
> > 
> > It's called "any SQL database."
> Nevermind that an DB will be overkill in my situation but OK, I'll bite, HOW ?
> I.e how do you access the DB contents trough the LDAP protocol if the field does
> _not_ exists in the schema ?

What I actually meant is, that IMHO ldap isn't the right receptacle for
this kind of info. There *is* an SQL interface to ldap, if you want it,
in which case you'll have to include it in your configure compile
options (too bad if you use rpms or suchlike) and do man 5 slapd-sql.
Apparently it's just a stopgap measure and will slow down the system
appreciably. But if your application is capable of updating an ldap
directory with cash balance details, it's presumably capable of updating
an SQL database. I don't suppose you envisage updating cash balances

Quite a different aspect is, that PHP4 and/or native Openldap client
utilities ldap constructs, just to take one example, aren't capable of
integer comparisons, so info would have to be hauled out and compared,
in which case it might as well be hauled out of a database.

The same applies to Zhang Fei, who wants to use temperature values and
units - IMHO ldap is just not the right place for such info. or updating




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