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Re: No such object (32) ..., again

tor, 2002-11-21 kl. 21:49 skrev Tony Earnshaw:

> dn: cn=Eigil Hysvær,dc=mydomain.com
> sn: Hysvær
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: person
> cn: Eigil Hysvær

Ps: When you come to do an ldapsearch (-x to begin with) and you expect
to get "Hysvær" returned, you won't. ldapsearch'll find the record o.k,
but the places where there's a Norwegian 'æ' in the line, you'll get a
load of base64 characters. That's normal. To see what they represent, do
'echo -en WTTUA%&(JHH¤&&VV8678== |  mimencode -u' (or whatever
WTTUA%&(JHH¤&&VV8678== turns out to be on your system.) 




Tony Earnshaw

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