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Re: nscd/openldap issue

ons, 2002-11-20 kl. 21:12 skrev John Madden:

> > I've only got the following tip. nscd 2.2.4 and its predecessor on my RH
> > 7.2++++ linux box cause nothing but havoc with ldaps authentication on
> > my smtp server, Exim. The symptoms are exactly as you describe. ncd
> > (SGI's version of nscd) on Irix seems to do exactly the same. A couple
> > of entries in the Exim mailing list to Exim's daddy, Philip Hazel, say
> > "chuck it" (he works on Solaris, mostly and has recently been
> > experiencing gethostbyname problems).

> I'll have to hunt for a place to download that separately.

Errrm ... I wouldn't surf too long. "Chuck it" is British English (or
maybe my old school?) slang for "get rid of it", "trash it", etc.

> > Even though it may cost you much performance, give it a whirl without
> > nscd, (maybe 24 hours? Risk the users' wrath?) and see what happens.

> I didn't even have to - it wasn't 15 minutes without nscd before slapd was
> completely pegged (or rather, taking up one of the cpu's of the solaris
> box, it apparently doesn't multithread) because someone had posted to an
> internal mailing list.  Dumping everything into /etc/passwd seems to be
> quite fast, although obviously not as scalable.

Sounds horrible (do Ammeddicans understand "hoddibel"?) and it would be
interesting to gather other Solaris sysadmins' experiences with this
sort of setup. I refuse to believe that you're the only Solaris
8/Openldap user with this kind of load.




Tony Earnshaw

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