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Re: Server dies when authenticating via SASL/GSSAPI

Hello Harry,

Harry Rüter <harry_rueter@gmx.de> writes:

> Hi,
> Tony Earnshaw wrote:
>> fre, 2002-11-15 kl. 10:15 skrev Harry Rüter:
>> > I tried everything (i know off) to find out what the problem is,
>> > but i can't find the reason, why it doesn't work ...
>> > So my last hope is that someone on the list has an idea ...
> Too bad, nothing like this in my system ...,
> but i don't use KRB4  , so i don't really wonder :o)
> Any other hints ?

Do you remember that I mentioned the other day my bad experience with
heimdal-0.5? Switching to MIT Kerberos-1.2.5 solved all Problems. 

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