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Re: nscd/openldap issue

>random), nscd just stops responding.  No procs can even be spawned on the
>machine until it's threads are killed with a -9.  There's no explanation
>for why this happens, nothing in any logs, LDAP hasn't gone down, etc.

We used to have something similair to this on Linux, if a dsa<->nscd 
connection failed, nscd fell apart.  With recent updates of nscd we can 
disconnect and reconnect the DSA and things keep humming.

>I'd appreciate any tips - I've now had to write a cronjob that dumps LDAP
>into /etc/passwd every 30 mins to provide a "homegrown nscd replacement,"
>and that's just plain ugly.

Ew!  But I have an ldap2nis command on my projects website that you should 
be able to do this very easily.