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Error code 18 : Innapropriate matching


I am using OpenLDAP 2.0.23 from the RPM's on RedHat 7.3 ...

And everytime I try to do an update or a delete (Attribute within an entry),
I get an error code 18!

I saw something on the mailing list about using "partial matching" but
that's not it in this case I'm pretty sure.

The current server I used to run on another box without problems, on what I
beleive was a 2.0.18, and when I migrated the setup to 2.0.23, this problem
started appearing.

I'm wondering if these RPM's have something special about them or if there
was some change ibetween 2.0.18 and 2.0.23 that might be causing this ?

For example:

Nov 20 11:34:26 tincup slapd[11264]: conn=0 op=10 MOD
Nov 20 11:34:26 tincup slapd[11264]: conn=0 op=10 RESULT tag=103 err=18
text=modify: delete values failed 

Nov 20 11:16:54 tincup slapd[32334]: conn=38 op=36 MOD
Nov 20 11:16:55 tincup slapd[32334]: conn=38 op=36 RESULT tag=103 err=18
text=modify: add values failed 

Anyone know have any idea what might be going on here? Any help would be
greatly appreciated, as this is totally breaking my applications!


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