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Re: ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Local error ???

Tony Earnshaw wrote:
ons, 2002-11-20 kl. 09:20 skrev Zhang Fei:

8.Adding a line in "ldap.conf" as root:
TLS_CACERT      		/usr/share/ssl/misc/demoCA/52026275.0

I have no idea about 2.0.x, all my experience is with 2.1.x (at present
2.1.8. However,Howard has said that 2.0 can use SSL/TLS, so I suppose it

1: You seem to have previous experience with SSL. The fact that you are
using hashes of certs seem to infer that your experience was with
FreeS/WAN or Apache. Openldap 2.1 (at least) uses neither .der encoded
certificates nor hashes, but .pem encoded raw certs;

2: *Raw* Openldap SSL/TLS (TLS is different from SSL) does not use SASL,
which seems to be throwing you out (although SSL is refererred to as
SASL EXTERNAL). Not that SSL is not a valid SASL extra, it's just that
Openssl SASL is not necessary for Openldap SSL/TLS.

I'm a little confused by the statement "TLS is different from SSL". From my understanding, StartTLS, is different, but TLS and SSL are two names for the same thing... I could certainly be wrong, and I guess this is for the OpenSSL list, but seeing as almost everyone seems to be using some form of SSL, I think it is sort of pertinent to this list as well.