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Re: homePostalAddress attribute

man, 2002-11-18 kl. 16:35 skrev Frank Swasey:

> > AFAIK the absence of EQUALITY des not allow to delete a specific value,
> > since no matching applies, that is to delete a value you need to delete
> > all and re-add the ones you wanted to preserve.

> True, which also means that you can't do it with PHP's LDAP support.
> Not that that is necessarily bad , in the opinion of a PERL hack :-)

PHP 4.2.3 is *not* capable of this. Even John Hallam's de facto top PHP4
utility isn't. .Shoot. Because I have to do it with PHP and am in the
process of working up to it with my own code. 

On the other hand, GQ 0.7.0beta2 can.

So it's *not* universally true, but I wish that PHP4 could do it.




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