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Re: Back-ldap proxy for AD filter problems (Part II)

> Hi
> I'm using back-ldap as proxy/attribute filter for an AD
> The problem comes when some clients (Windows Address Books) can find
> data on AD but can't find anything through OpenLDAP 2.0.25. But some
> others Windows Address Books can find data on both.
> I putted slapd in debug mode and I find some differences:

The logs you attached show that the problem is not in back-ldap;
the "badfilter" comes from the front-end of slapd.  Here back-ldap
is simply doing garbage in/garbage out.  Although this could be
a bug in slapd's frontend, the info you sent do not allow to track
its origin.  You should send a trace of the filter entering the
frontend, and possibly what the filter looked like BEFORE encoding.

Pierangelo Masarati