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personalTitle openldap2.1.8


I had in my directory (openldap 2.0.13) the classes
"inetorgperson", "organizationalPerson","pilotPerson",
and "person"
I need all these classes in order to use the
attributes I need (telephoneNumber, personalTitle ...)

The LDAP standard says that an object should only have
one structural objectclass, so in 2.1.8, I can't have
an object belong to both inetOrgPerson and pilotPerson

It seems that I need to  create a class which is
superior to both. I assume that lots of people will
have to do the same so isn't there a standard class to
do that ?
It seems very strange that everybody have to do
specific class whereas this is not a speciic need
,isn't it? 

Thanks for your explanations!

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