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ldap, samba and s


I've asked on the samba lists and have no replies
yet and this is the only other place I know to ask.

I am using RedHat 8.0.

I have built openldap from the SRPMS, all components
and made sure that TLS is enabled.  It is version 2.0.25

I have samba 2.2.5 and I have built the SRPMS and
made sure that ssl, and all related ldap settings
are configured.

I have populated the openldap database using sambaldap

With smbl.conf: ssl off , smbd authenticates users against
slapd without problems.

With ldap.conf: ssl starttls, ldapsearch -ZZ  works fine
and with the server and client in debug mode I see the
TLS conversation and they are happy in their work.

Looking at my samba logs, it is saying:

ldap_open_connection: StartTLS not supported by LDAP client libraries!

which doesn't make any sense to me....  has anyone else seen this?

I have just double checked the configure script and --with-tls is
there.  I built all components of openldap including clients and
installed them....  I'm not sure what to try next... any words
of wisdom would be hugely appreciated, I was hoping to celebrate
this weekend :-)

It certainly seems as though this is a samba problem, but I can't
seem to find any info about this on the samba lists and no one
has commented on it yet anyway.