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Re: Newbie: Setting up LDAP as a directory service

Tony Earnshaw wrote:

tor, 2002-11-14 kl. 10:46 skrev Adam Williams:

I am looking for a straight forward HOWTO, for setting up an LDAP server which will allow users using Outlook etc to lookup email addresses.
I found a script which generated an LDIF file from the /etc/passwd file, this file was then updated into the DB. Yet the system won't respond to any queries.
Is there any straight forward way of doing this?

Try the FAQ-O-Matic for information on Outlook. The migration script
created posixAccount objects, which isn't anything Outlook cares about. I think Outlook wants "officePerson" objects.

I think that Neill's asking how to get his Outlook client to query the (Open?)ldap server at all. I don't know how Outlook clients work with their old Exchange servers, but if they even have the *possibility* (which I would rather tend to believe) of contacting normal ldap servers, then "thuck it and thee" ith the betht way to go. Fiddle around with port 389 on server IP numbers, or at the very worst, SSL (secure? encrypted? etc) on port 636.



I believe Outlook uses RPC to communicate with Exchange. It does have the ability to query LDAP
(I thinks it's somewhere on the "Tools" menu), but the function doesn't act like Outlook does with
Exchange. From what I remember it's a manual query/response thing.

Mike Forsman