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Re: slapcat error

Today at 10:12am, Nacho Diaz Asenjo wrote:

> Hi !
> I usually make a backup of my LDAP directory all nights using slapcat
> command. Slapcat command had  worked very well before but now when I run
> it, the proccess doesn't end correctly and return this error.
> # no data for entry id=00003870
> I look in openldap.log file and i could see few log lines like this:
>   idl_insert_key: nonexistent continuation block
> ¿What's the problem? ¿What must I do (step by step)?

When this happened to me it was because I changed the name (not the OID)
of three attributes stupidly thinking that the documentation that says
it is the OID LDAP cares about and not the NAME of the attribute was
true.  So, I have determined that to change the name of an attribute I
must down the server, dump the database, change the schema files, edit
the database, slapadd the database and start the server :(

Anyway, on to fixing your problem:

1) run slapcat with the -c flag so it continues after the error and at
least gives you the rest of the entries.

2) you'll have to figure out which entry or entries is causing the
problem by comparing the ldif file you get with one of your previous

3) manually add the entries to the ldif produced in 1

4) stop slapd

5) rename the existing database directory and create a new one.

6) use slapadd against the ldif file you edited in 3 to build the new

7) use chown to make sure the database files are owned by the userid
slapd runs as

8) start slapd

Good Luck!

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