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Re: Newbie: Setting up LDAP as a directory service

tor, 2002-11-14 kl. 08:16 skrev Neil Davis:

> I am looking for a straight forward HOWTO, for setting up an LDAP server 
> which will allow users using Outlook etc to lookup email addresses.

> I found a script which generated an LDIF file from the /etc/passwd file, 
> this file was then updated into the DB. Yet the system won't respond to any 
> queries.

> Is there any straight forward way of doing this?

Outlook? Don't know how Outlook works.

At my last "real" job I used Linux with Netscape 4.7.9, while all the
other 3,000 employees were forced to use Outlook for the firm's Exchange
servers (I was a Unix Field Engineer). At that time I didn't even know
how ldap worked. But I got Netscape's ldap thing to work just by playing
around, because I found out that ldap runs on port 389 from my
/etc/services. The stupid firm didn't use SSL and port 636, let alone




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