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cannot find nisMapEntry

Hi all,
just trying to setup a automount map (linux-2.4.19/SUSE8.1)
Database is ldbm.
Have the following object:
dn: cn=home1, nisMapName=auto.master, o=ABBAAT, ou=NSS,
nisMapName: auto.master
objectClass: top
objectClass: nisobject
nisMapEntry: auto.home
cn: /home1
A search gives
ldapsearch -x -b
the result:
# auto.master, ABBAAT, NSS, ccsdev.com
dn: nisMapName=auto.master,o=ABBAAT,ou=NSS,dc=ccsdev,dc=com
objectClass: top
objectClass: nismap

# home1, auto.master, ABBAAT, NSS, ccsdev.com
dn: cn=home1,nisMapName=auto.master,o=ABBAAT,ou=NSS,dc=ccsdev,dc=com
objectClass: top
objectClass: nisobject
cn: /home1

Why is the nisMapEntry missing?
The same problem when using the automountInformation with a different

regards Uwe