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Re: Internationalization (supports Unicode and language tags)

Andriy Galetski writes:
> Yes indeed I use KOI8-R localized FreeBSD environment
> and put KOI8-R encoded attribute.
> My goal is -- make in ldap address book with russian names for MS Outluk
> But I can't find any example how to do it ( particularly when CN is not in
> English sumbols)

I don't know of Outlook supports proper conversion between UTF-8 and the
user's character set.  If not, you are lost, but otherwise:

You need to convert the KOI8-R strings to UTF-8, e.g. with the Perl
module 'cyrillic':

You should also convert the resulting strings to base64
and represent them as
  cn:: base64-string
(note the two ":"'s) but it probably does work if you don't
use base64 too.