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RE: Index problems

My bad. It is 2.1.8 and 4.1.24. 

I think I figured it out. I axed the logs, because of space limitations.
It indexed but when I did a db_recover it crashed after about an hour of 
complaining about not being able to find the right log files..

I decided to start from scratch and reload the data the whole database
from the original files so I could have the logs files so db_archive can
work correctly. 

It would be nice if there was a way around this, or maybe there is and I
didn't see it in the documentation. ?? I don't think Im the only one that
gets caught offguard with 187M ldif file using up 4G in log files and
around 500M for the data. The 500M for the data was about what I expected.
The 4G in logs is what caught me offguard..

I guess the only reason why I mention this is because it took 60 hours to
get the data into the db and im reloading it because I didn't realize the
log files were that important if I wasn't planning on running slurp. 

Also while Im being a chronic complainer. Can someone add something to the
documentation about the indexing features, like what they actually mean to
the system admin trying to determine whether they are needed or not. I
think I finally figured out what I needed but I ended up having to look at
the RFC. It would be nice if that was clearly explained to a dufus like
me in the manual. 


On Mon, 11 Nov 2002, Howard Chu wrote:

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> > I am using open ldap 2.1.18 with the bdb back end with the sleepycat
> > 4.1.38 on RH7.3.
> The latest release of OpenLDAP is 2.1.8. The latest public release of
> Sleepycat BerkeleyDB is 4.1.24. Unless you're using a time machine or
> otherwise have access to software the rest of us don't, I'm a little puzzled
> by your version numbers. Maybe someone has given you "counterfeit" packages.
> Without knowing anything about the actual software you're using, I can't
> comment any further.
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