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Re: memory used by slapd?

>I made a heavy query test on ldap. After the test,  
>I found that althrough there are no ldap query, but there were 
>still lots of slapd processes and each used 20M memory. 
>And when I restart the slapd, there only three slapd processes
>each only 1.6M Memory.
>When will it terminate and release the memory if I don't restart 

Please, Please, read some documentation!

These are not instances of slapd, they are slapd threads.  They are not EACH
using they 20Mb, they are using 20Mb TOTAL.  Threads live in the same address
space.  It is only 1.6M at first because there is nothing in the cache,  you
WANT it to get bigger.

You can use the threads parameter in slapd.conf if you want to limit the number
of threads.  This won't significantly effect the RAM footprint, as much as
reducing dbcachesize, which is something you do NOT want to do unless you have a
VERY small Dit.