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Re: Only Openldap 2.1.x support TLS ?

man, 2002-11-11 kl. 03:07 skrev Zhang Fei:

>     I notice that no introduction of TLS configuration is mentioned in 2.0.x version
> and no option,such as" --with-tls",is listed in "configure --help",while both of then
> exist in 2.1.x version.
>     Does it mean that 2.0.x version doesn't support TLS feature ,while 2.1.x version does ?

AFAIk, after communication with others and having been on this list for
a while, 2.0.x has no encryption (SSL or TLS) or otherwise advanced
authentication possibility and has to use /usr/sbin/stunnel for
encrypted connections (man stunnel), whilst 2.1.x has a *lot* of added
functionality, including full SASL.

Something for those who insist on keeping to the so-called "stable"
versions to take into account?




Tony Earnshaw

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