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Re: question about ldap performance

> Now I am setting a smtp system (postfix) which need to process
>query on ldap-server. During the test , I found that when there 
>are simultaneously 200 queries on the ldap server, the query will
>be very slow. I have to made the timeout of ldap query to 60 
>seconds in postfix. But it is too slow that  sending a letter need
>too long time.

That is really slow!

>I tried to used anonymous no-bind access the ldap to reduce
>the load on ldap server. I also tried to enlarged the cache in 
>ldapserver.And because I have two smtp server, I set up a local 
>slave ldap in each of the server and  point postfix ldap lookups 
>to the local host. But it couldn't solve the problem. It seems 
>that the ldap query becomes the bottleneck of the mail

What is your "threads" setting?  You have adequate RAM?

>I use the slapd from debian/linux woody version . And the version
>information is:
># Indexing options
>#index objectClass eq
>#index default pres,eq
>#index uid
>#index cn pres,eq,sub
>#index objectClass eq

Your indexes are commented out!