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Re: Help with an integer search?

At 10:57 AM 2002-11-07, Austin Conger (IT) wrote:
>For days, I have been trying to understand how to do a search based on an integer value.
>Initially I thought doing this search filter (itemnumber<=12) and having my attribute defined as such in my schema file would do it.

No ORDERING rule, assertion Undefined.

>attributetype ( NAME 'itemnumber'
>        DESC 'number for item in ldap'
>        EQUALITY integerMatch
>        SYNTAX
>        SINGLE-VALUE )
>Then I find later that its actually stored as a decimal representation.
>6.16. INTEGER
>   ( DESC 'INTEGER' )
>   Values in this syntax are encoded as the decimal representation of
>   their values, with each decimal digit represented by the its
>   character equivalent. So the number 1321 is represented by the
>   character string "1321".I gues I am alittle confused as to how I perform such an integer search?  Is this possible?
>I am running OpenLDAP 2.1.5 on Solaris 8 with BerkeleyDB 4.1