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Re: thread problem OpenLDAP 2.1.8 + Solaris 9

Other things to look at:
        - ACLs... avoid unnecesary regex'ing
        - REGEX... make sure you are using a good REGEX library
                (some Solaris versions suck)
        - Logging (disable synchronous logging, only log minimal stuff)

At 03:59 PM 2002-11-08, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>At 08:55 AM 2002-11-08, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
>>although our performance testing from OpenLDAP-2.1.8 is is showing only about 7 queries/sec answered (we need a minimum of 20 queries/sec throughput).
>That's awful low performance.  On relatively small systems,
>performance in the 1000s of queries per second range is
>easily achievable.   Likely you don't have the right
>indices or the indexing is ineffective due to the number
>of total entries.  In the later case, you might try
>increasing the IDL sizes in back-bdb/idl.h.  You might
>also look at BerkeleyDB environment settings.