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Re: thread problem OpenLDAP 2.1.8 + Solaris 9

>We are running almost the same setup, except that we are using back-bdb.
>We are not seeing this behaviour, although our performance testing from
>OpenLDAP-2.1.8 is is showing only about 7 queries/sec answered (we need a
>minimum of 20 queries/sec throughput).  We have also found that anytime we
>do load testing, slapd dies after a few hours, so I wouldn't label
>OpenLDAP-2.1.8 as being production ready.  This is on 3 CPU machines with 3
>GB of memory.  We have a back-bdb cache of 1GB.  Our CPU load did not
>increase appreciably during load testing (0.01 load).

Our database is very small, just about 7500 entries or so. Originaly I
used ldbm but bdb is slower. I didn't manage to run the multiple CPU tests
by now but a slowdown even with async settings on isn't what I expected.
Are you using Solaris 9?


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