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Re: openldap schema for enabling Calendaring (support for free-busy times)

Hi Terelly,

from a brief look at the schema you sent I see treeerrors:
1) Syntax is not given as an OID in attribute definitions
2) MULTI-VALUE is not an allowed string in attributetype definitions.
    Simply leave it out to denote multi-valued attributes.
    To make an attribute single-valued use SINGLE-VALUE.
3) You have a line break in the MAY clause of the objectclass
    splitting the name of an attribute

Apart from these errors it looks good (I haven't tested it like Tony did)


On Friday 08 November 2002 15:14, Terrelle Shaw wrote:
> Well here is what i got from RFC 2739. Mind you, i'm a total noob when
> it comes to LDAP and building schema's from RFC's. This is a rough start
> for someone out there.

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