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RE: SSH tunnels

This certainly would be an alternative and could provide strong
encryption  (probably even more than required). However, IMO, it
introduces another dependency* in your design, one which you probably
don't need given the availability of SSL/TLS with ldap. 

If SSL/TLS is not available to you for whatever reason, another option
is SASL (simple authentication and security layer). I would consider it
an alternative not suitable for the faint of heart.

* The ssh tunnel would need to be in place before ldap starts up and
depending on how you configure it, may require root privileges. 

I would also comment that you should consider how the system will react
in case the encrypted tunnel (be that ssh or SSL/TLS) fails. Does it
fail securely and exit with an error (alarm) or proceed talking
cleartext LDAP?


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>I have seen a few references to people using SSH tunnels to 
>secure LDAP communications, but no discussion as to its 
>advisability. Is this a reasonable way to go, or are there 
>hidden problems in this approach as compared to SSL/TLS?
>Thanks from an LDAP newbie!
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