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indices in slapd.conf

I am selectively replicating data from my master ldap server to the
slaves.  So the data the slaves receive from the master is only partial.
Because of this and because the master has some front end software that
allows us to manipulate the data via a web interface, I access data from
ldap in different ways on the master and slaves.  My question is

1) Can I use different indices on the slave servers than on the master?

2) And what are the considerations when deciding which and how many
indices to use in slapd.conf?  Obviously you want to use the attributes
you search for most often as indices, but what is the penalty for using
more indices rather than less?  What is the order of magnitude of memory
usage and other penalties related to the number of indices you use?
Does memory double as indices double, for example?  Or is it a fourfold
increase in memory when the number of indices doubles?  What are the
pitfalls and caveats one should observe when customizing indices?