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Re: setting up LDAP question

On Wednesday 06 November 2002 01:33, Mike Denka wrote:

> One thing you'll have to deal with if you ever plan to upgrade to
> 2.1.x or (I assume) beyond is a strict enforcement of the single
> structural objectclass entry rule.  In 2.1.x you must have one and
> ONLY one structural object class represented in each entry.  So your
> entries in cn=unixgroup,ou=users, for example, would not be permitted
> because both the posixGroup and the groupOfUniqueNames are structural
> objectclasses. But in uid=userx,ou=users, you have no structural
> objectclasses.  So this class of entry would also be rejected.

The unix-users entry was created by a package called 
"directory_administrator", so, to be honest: it wasn't my idea. I just 
started to play with LDAP only yesterday ;-)

The other addressbook entry I created myself by trying to understand 
http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin20/guide.html section 8, but this is 
only one-day-playing knowledge.

So, what should I alter in the ldif to be upgrade-compatible? In Tony's 
posting he's talking about a "structuralObjectClass", that's an entry 
that is not present in version 2.0.23 AFAICS....


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