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Re: can posixGroup be configured to contain other posixGroups?


On Monday 04 November 2002 02:40, you wrote:
> Cool, if I understand that right my posixGroup can have both
> - memberUid elements (one for each user)
> - DNs which act as a reference to a groupOfUniqueNames which might be a
> list of every user in a logical group.
> So, if i'm even close to understanding this properly, my posixGroup can be
> an aggregation of a series of user lists which are stored in the ldap
> database as groupOfUniqueNames.

I think you got me wrong a bit:
My line of reasoning was: It is technically possible but it was not
intended to be used this way So, don't do it.
(Read the text in the reference I sent you !)

In other words: 
You may do it but don't come back later and complain that
other things you haven't thought of in the beginning break !


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