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Re: problems on EAGAIN? (was: TLS connect from remote host to slapd hangs)

Howard Chu wrote:
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> > From: owner-openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org
> > [mailto:owner-openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org]On Behalf Of Rainer Clasen
> > Rainer Clasen wrote:
> > > I can access this slapd fine from the server itself. But
> > when I try to
> > > contact the new slave from *anywhere* else the connection
> > hangs during
> > > the initial SSL phase.
> >
> > I've run the server under strace. slapd starts sending the CA
> > certificates and after several successfull write()s one call
> > to write()
> > returns EAGAIN. Up to then the client received some certificates and
> > then blocks.
> > Could it be that slapd chokes on the EAGAIN received when
> > writing out the CA certificates?
> slapd doesn't have much to do with this; it's the SSL library that takes care
> of sending CA certs to the client. The OpenSSL library's write routines give
> up whenever a write() returns < 1. In OpenLDAP 2.1.6 the TLS interface in
> libldap was fixed to set the SSL retry_write flag when a write resulted in
> EAGAIN. Unfortunately (as of 0.9.6g) OpenSSL's send_server_certificate()
> function doesn't check the retry_write flag. Maybe it should, but that's a
> question for an OpenSSL mailing list.

thanks for the explanation. I suppose It would have taken me ages to
find this out on my own. I'm putting it on my todo list to bring this
issue up on the openssl list.


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