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Re: can posixGroup be configured to contain other posixGroups?

søn, 2002-11-03 kl. 11:56 skrev Oliver George:

> I can see that posixGroup is intended to only contain memberuid's in the
> same way that /etc/group lists uid's.  It's logical at times for groups
> to be members of other groups, how do administrators get around this
> limitation?

O.k., I'm willing to hang out my basic lack of Intellectual capability.
I'm better at empirical solutions than intellectual suchlike.

I don't see how a Unix group can be a member of another Unix group,
since it would then have to have a UID number, which by definition would
exclude it from being a group. I can see how a Unix user can be a member
of several groups.

I can make an LDAP group a member of another group by putting it into an
OU, for example, making another OU on which the first is dependant and
arranging the RDN hierarchically. I can continue this hierarchy ad
infinitum, or until LDAP crashes for some reason or another.




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