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Re: A Beginer Question .. HELP!

>>>Under any other circumstances one could purchase a nice O'Rielly from 
>>>Amazon but there are no books on OpenLDAP database management or schema 
>>>deployment available. In other words, one can't even buy ones way out 
>>>(or in depending on your perspecitve).
>>Your scope is too narrow.  There are several very good books on LDAP.  
>and yet you do not name them... ;-)

"Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services"
Timothy Howes, Mark C. Smith, and Gordon S. Good.
MacMillan Technical Publishing
ISBN#1-57870-070-1  LCCCN#98-84230

It is a monster at 846 pages, tan, with a picture of a suspension bridge
on the front.  At B&B and such places it is also expensive,  but also
pretty prevelant at used, remainder, and bargain book shops if you have
such things in your area.

KLUG (http://www.kalamazoolinux.org) has a couple copies in our library
for members, but I don't think your from West Michigan.

There is a companion volume for programmers -
"LDAP: Programmin Directory-Enabled Applications with Lightweight
Directory Access Protocol"
Same authors and publishing company.
ISBN#1-57870-000-0 LCCCN#96-78510