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Re: A Beginer Question .. HELP!

C'mon Adam, you could at least be more specific.

(Sorry, you'll have to figure out which RFC's to read using the man pages)

Cristian, I'm afraid you've got some long and difficult homework ahead of you. In typical Linux fashion the docs are obtuse and difficult to read and everyone who knows what they are talking about doesn't want to talk. They insist you read the documentation first, then after you read it and still don't understand they insist you read it again or just don't answer. So much for being pro-LDAP and spreading the gospel.

Under any other circumstances one could purchase a nice O'Rielly from Amazon but there are no books on OpenLDAP database management or schema deployment available. In other words, one can't even buy ones way out (or in depending on your perspecitve).

Adam Williams wrote:
I have installed the OpenLDAP on a RH 7.3. The installation was success
but i don't know how ca i verify if that work ?
2. how can i create users for ldap.
3. where is the database ?

See "documentation"....