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Re: caseignoreia5match and utf8 string.

> Grab the sambatng.schema, make a backup of it, vi the original and
> remove the line "EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match" in the original. Restart
> slapd. It will likely barf at other EQUALITY lines. Do the same for
> them. In the end, all will be o.k. and slapd will start and run
> normally.
I'm subsituted caseIgnoreIA5Match with caseIgnoreMatch. It seems to me that the
"IA5" part  is for ASCII and not Utf strings. Can someone comment on that? Is
this the correct way to do tings?

> Could have been Henrik Ibsen's, Ole Bull's,
> Henrik Wergelands's, Camilla Collet's and more's
> last words, but weren't: «Fanden helder, helder
> det at have sadset, end det at ikke have sadset
> i det hele taget.»
Ahh. "it's better to have loved and lost then never had love at all" :)


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