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Re: TLS connect from remote host to slapd hangs

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
> At 02:07 PM 2002-10-20, Rainer Clasen wrote:
> >While playing with s_client I found two things that made me wonder:
> > - slapd crashed several times (even my master - whoops)
> Well, that would make more than wonder.  I suggest you attempt
> to determine why slapd is crashing.

Somehow I'm no longer able to reproduce this. When I see this again,
I'll try to get a backtrace.

So my main problem remains: Slapd hangs after sending CA certificates -
while the client didn't get them all. After killing slapd the remaining
data arrives.


KeyID=759975BD fingerprint=887A 4BE3 6AB7 EE3C 4AE0  B0E1 0556 E25A 7599 75BD