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Re: compare


Thank you for your advice.
i think i may use SQL to do it. it will be more easier.


"Kurt D. Zeilenga" 寫入:

> At 05:28 PM 2002-10-18, Brian Leung wrote:
> >hi all,
> >i have some ldap object which has attribute uidnumber, such as:
> >
> >dn: uid=test, o=test.com
> >uid: test
> >uidnumber: 1000
> >
> >if i have many objects in the database and i want to compare which
> >uidnumber is the greatest, how should i use the ldapsearch to do it?
> Use ldapsearch to obtain all entries with a uidnumber.
> Sort the returned entries by uidnumber and then select
> the last entry.
> Kurt