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Re: One last problem...

fre, 2002-10-18 kl. 19:26 skrev Douglas Phillipson:

> Just one last problem, ldapsearch always returns NOTHING!

> I use ldapsearch -v -b 'dc=oem,dc=doe,dc=gov' '(cn=*)'  and get the 
> response:
> ldap_init( <default>, 0 )
> filter pattern: (cn=*)
> returning: ALL
> filter is: ((cn=*))
> 0 matches

> What am I doing wrong?

Probably nothing. Just not enough.

- Is "cn" indexed, including "sub?"
- Is objectClass indexed?
- What happens if you index both that and objectClass, as well as use as
filter '(&(objectclass=*)(cn=*))'


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