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Help me:Rename DN with childrens in PHP.

I have this problem:

- Server Open Ldap version 2.1.5.

- PHPinfo() : 
                      LDAP Support           enabled 
                      RCS Version             $Id: ldap.c,v
2002/04/23 18:59:57 derick Exp $ 
                      Total Links                 0/unlimited 
                      API Version               2004 
                      Vendor Name            OpenLDAP 
                      Vendor Version          20105 

- Schema :  
                      ou=company ------ ou=DIRECTOR ---- ou=division
-------------  ou=DEPARTMENT----- cn=name4(workmen)  
cn=name2(boss)        cn=name3(boss)         cn=name5(workmen)

- I want to rename "ou=division" to "ou=DIVISION" : 
                                 $ds = ldap_connect(""); 
                                 $editdn =
                                 $rdn = "ou=DIVISION";
                                 $parent =  "ou=DIRECTOR,ou=compeny";
                                 ldap_rename($ds, $editdn , $rdn , $parent ,
- This will change the DN of ou=division. But don't the DN of the DEPARTMENT
and of the CNs. 
  So I then get schema:
                      ou=company ------ ou=DIRECTOR ---- ou=DIVISION
  without the childrens.
 				Thank You for Your help.  Kopacik

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