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Re: LDAP over SSL instructions

Thanks for the link, I am going to read and also have a look at the past
postings on this mailing list.


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tir, 2002-10-15 kl. 18:53 skrev marc.bigler@day.com:

> I have compiled OpenLDAP with SSL support and the flag (--with-tls) now I
> would like to try testing LDAP over SSL using it's port 636. The problem
> that on www.openldap.org documentation I didn't find any infos on how to
> configure slapd for SSL support. Can someone give me some short pointers
> how to do that and then how to test if it really works ? The goal would
> only to use LDAP over SSL in the future.

The archives here for the past few months contain enough material to
bury you several times over. With all thinkable pros, cons, dos, donts
and solutions.


Is o.k., too.




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