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Re: Documentation volunteer (was: Cluster replication: multiple masters)

	Thank you for this information.

> My take so far is it works well.  You need each server set up like a
> master (running a slapd and slurpd), and each configured to replicate to
> all the others.

	Okay, but my question still remains: why does this require a code
change (and related build headaches) of any kind whatsoever?  Why not just
configure each slave to also be a master?  Why won't slurpd simply puke
all changes to all servers?

	In short, what does the code do?

> It's a good strategy even behind a load balancer... but I think you'll
> need to set up your load balancer to allow direct IP access to each
> server, as well as having the virtual IP address to do the dynamic
> redirects.

	Huh?  Why?  If each node is a master, it would not redirect for
writes.  I don't understand why this is necessary.