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Re: Tree structure

>>>I'm wondering if there is any built-in/recommended method for
>>>cross-referencing entries in the tree... for example, I would like to
>>>have in the organization tree a ou (ie. campus name) with all the
>>>members of that ou AND I would also like to have another ou (ie.
>>>Department name) with the same entries but organized according to some
>>>other shared attribute.
>>You could use aliases.  First create e.g.
>Thank you! This is perfect!
>>cn=Yonah Russ, ou=Campus, dc=jct, dc=ac, dc=il
>>as a normal entry.  Then create:
>>dn: cn=Yonah Russ, ou=Department Name, dc=jct, dc=ac, dc=il
>>objectclass: alias
>>aliasedObjectName: cn=Yonah Russ, ou=Campus, dc=jct, dc=ac, dc=il
>>and use the option for derefAliases=derefAlways in the LDAP search
>>operations.  E.g. with ldapsearch you specify '-a always'.

Aliases are very handy.

For establishing relationships between separate objects there is
seeAlso.  The client has to be coded to go look at seeAlso references,
but in such cases it is really handy.