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netscape address book hangs


I'm just wondering if anyone has encountered the following situation or might have an idea as to what is causing it:

I have Redhat7.1 running on a virtual machine (www.vmware.com) on my Win2000 system.  I recently installed openldap for redhat and configured it so that netscape (or any email client) can use it as an address book.

When I set up the directory server in my Netscape (4.73) messenger and tried to open it, it took about 20-30 seconds for it to retrieve the entries in the ldap server.  However, this delay didn't happen if I brought to focus a window other than any netscape window I had open! Also, the delay never occurred if I changed the process priority of the netscape.exe process to anywhere below normal (using the NT Windows Task Manager)...setting it above normal froze my system until netscape would respond (20-30 secs).

I configured Outlook Express to also use this ldap server and the searches never hung...always immediate responses.

I'm not sure if this is a virtual machine or a virtual machine networking issue, a netscape issue, or an openldap issue...so I thought I'd start here...

thanks for any thoughts/ideas...