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replication question: replogfiles/rej files/order for modifications

Hi all:
i have several question about replication:
1)  i have watch the replog file of slurpd daemon. i watched that slurpd enter reports of new modifications and go out report of olds (same
   FILO behaviour). how do i configure the slurpd to save all reports and dont go out anything?
2)  i readed the file.rej that slurpd uses for save the modifications that cant do it. do try slurpd daemon this modifications again?
    or once the modifications goes to this file the slurpd dont try do it? if the second case is the correct what can i do? do i run
    the slurpd (one-shot mode)?
3) i have one master and several slaves. i think that modifications at slave are done in same order that modifications at master, but
    i saw the log and some modification are deferred. is this the behavoiur that we hope?
thanks for all, like we say at my home 'soiz los mejorez'