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AD schema consolidation

Dear sirs, 

I am building a centralized administration system for our Active
Directory and LDAP user accounts. 

Ufortunately Microsoft has spanned all their proprietary attributes across 
the whole core LDAP schema instead of collecting them into a separate class. 

My approach is to consolidate all proprietary attributes contained in 
the Active Domain user objectclass (and all inherited attributes) into 
a separate custom objectclass, within a namespace that does not collide 
with the core schema. 

Next step is to propagate these attributes using the meta backend and 
appropriate regexp translation rules from our main OpenLDAP directory 
to AD. 

Does anybody here has done something similar? Any comments/experiences? 

Christos Ricudis				ricudis@itc.auth.gr
Systems Administrator				+30-310-998305
IT Support Center
Aristotles University of Thessaloniki, GREECE