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Unable to add entries

IM using OpenLDAP under SunOS, the readymade binaries provided by symas.

IM unable to add new entries in the directory. slapd.conf is referring
(include statement) to core.schema file only. Please see the three steps
that I followed.

Step NO 1:
After starting the service (cdsserver start) I checked whether it's started
really and it returned result as follows:

# ldapsearch -b '' -s base '(objectclass=*)'


Step NO 2:
Then I tried to add new entry in server as follows and I got the error as

Following is stored in the file named 'example.ldif'.
dn: dc=test3,dc=test2,dc=myDomain,dc=com
objectclass: dcObject
objectclass: organization
o: abcd
dc: myDomain

dn: cn=Manager,dc=test3,dc=test2,dc=myDomain,dc=com
objectclass: organizationalRole
cn: Manager
# END of example.ldif

Step NO 3:
I gave following command and got the output as given below. I had supplied
valid password.
# ldapadd -a -v -d -1 -D "cn=Manager,dc=test3,dc=test2,dc=myDomain,dc=com"
-f example.ldif
ldapadd: compile with -DLDAP_DEBUG for debugging
Bind Password:
add objectclass:
add o:
add dc:
adding new entry dc=test3,dc=test2,dc=myDomain,dc=com
ldap_add_s: Invalid syntax

******** END of the 3 steps

IM not able to find what is wrong here? And why do I get the error
'ldap_add_s: Invalid syntax' during execution of step NO 3. Please guide.

Pravin Joshi