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help with automount

hello, i'm running automount 4.0 on a debian client and openldap 2.0.25 on sol8. i believe i followed the instructions in the faq on creating a schema, adding entries to the database, and editing autofs but the test directories i used were not mounted. i then tried running automount from the command line `automount /testy1 ldap ldapserver.dom.com:ou=auto.master,dc=dom,dc=com` and nothing seemed to happen. snooping port 389 on the ldapserver also showed no traffic. i tried putting quotes around the dn, but that didn't help. am i wrong in thinking that command should mount /testy1? any ideas why automount isn't talking to the ldapserver? and how does automount know what base dn to use? i'm not sure what to do next, so i'd appreciate any help. thanks,

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