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Re: RH 7.3 and OpenLDAP

man, 2002-09-30 kl. 21:08 skrev Aly Dharshi:

> 	I am using OpenLDAP for authentication for system as well as Samba et 
> al. I have it working successfully. We have a few users as well as very 
> limited logins on the system. I was wondering whether the stock RH 7.3 
> OpenLDAP package spawning about 15 OpenLDAP processes is normal ?

I just counted 29 processes on my single-user notebook, with only one
single process spawning the rest as LWP threads. RH 7.2, Openldap

> 	How would I reduce these numbers if I wanted to do so to say about 5 
> OpenLDAP slapd processes.

I wouldn't bother, if I were you :-) Between them they're taking up 3.8%
memory and less than 0.01% processor time. Can you see why, on your own




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