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Re: Mysql as a backend for LDAP

man, 2002-09-30 kl. 15:54 skrev Mark Adamson:

> Another reason to use an RDBM backend is that there can be tighter data
> constraints an referential integrity.  For example, we're experimenting
> with back-sql here at CMU, and we have LDAP objects that represent people
> and LDAP objects that represent computer accounts. An account entry has an
> "owner" attribute with the DN of a person, and a Person entry has an
> "account" attribute with an account DN.  LDAP and OpenLDAP offer no strong
> way to make sure these "pointers" are accurate, but if I put the data in
> Oracle I can set CONSTRAINTS and TRIGGERS to make sure the data is always
> referentially correct.  It also means I can look up a person entry and get
> the person's account username as an attribute of the person entry without
> even having the usernames stored directly under the person object;  it is
> in the linked account object and SQL allows me to do a JOIN and fetch the
> username from there.  (thus my earlier post about using "uid" :)

I've filed *this* one in the Openldap "HOWTO" map. Have a feeling it
might come in useful, one day :-)

> -Mark Adamson
>  Carnegie Mellon

'T'isn't every day mails come in from Carnegie Mellon, one of my heroes.




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