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Re: adding mail aliases to ldap problems

>hmmm, after looking thru things more...  I'm wondering
>what version of openldap you are using?  Just wondering

The latest 2.0.x,  the schemas shouldn't have changed much.

>why my schema files seem pretty much completely different
>to yours?

? I didn't include my schema.

The command for dumping the running schema is in my LDAP presentation

You may see it load, but you should check to see if something dastardly 
happened to it subsequently.  You can also browse schema with GQ.

>> dn: cn=cisstaff,ou=ListAliases,ou=MailAliases,o=Morrison Industries,
>> c=US
>> cn: cisstaff
>> objectClass: nisMailAlias
>> objectClass: top
>> rfc822MailMember: adam
>> rfc822MailMember: steve
>> rfc822MailMember: mcarmody

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